OSRS Fire Cape, Fire Cape OSRS

Are you tired of watching OSRS Fire Cape guide on youTube? Do you really want to walk around with an obsidian cape rather than a fancy Fire Cape? We offer a quick, clean, and efficient OSRS Fire Cape service. The Fire Cape service can be completed on any account; Mains, Pures, Skillers, HCIM, even 10-hp accounts! The Fire Cape OSRS service can be completed in any preferred combat method. Range, Mage, or Melee!

Fire Cape OSRS

Fire Cape OSRS service can be completed anywhere between 35 minutes to 4 hours after the order is processed depending on stats and equipment, for no prayer accounts the times can vary but we will stay persistent until we have completed the order. Every order is done by hand by a team of professional workers who will not fail and work diligently to provide you with the best OSRS Fire cape service anywhere with complete transparency and mannerism every step of the way until you have your very own Fire Cape OSRS!

We do not require bank pins, for your own peace of mind set a temporary password and change it back when we are done, you may transfer any valuables over to any other account you own, we will not touch your bank, given all the requested materials are provided for the order, however we can provide the supplies but for an extra charge!

For Ironman, HCIM, Ultimate Ironman or any account under 43 prayer and under 50 hp contact the live support

OSGP is accepted on current osgp rates

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