Macho4rs Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of some commonly asked questions I get from my customers, if you have any further questions about our Osrs Service, do not hesitate to contact us.

"Are prices set in stone?"

sometime prices are negotiateable.

"Where can I see your reviews / feedbacks / vouches?"

Yes we have 2.1k+ reviews click here for Sythe Reviews

"Do you do express Osrs Service if I pay extra?"

Priority Service available for extra!

"How does the Macho4rs Osrs Service work?"

you have to pay first, service will be done by providing details of your account, You must provide gear / membership and for supplies, Everything is hand done. .

"Has anyone been banned using your service?"

No, noone has been banned using my service, everything I offer is hand-done, never use of bots.

but can be ban anytime since i am not jagaxe. Thats why I dont take ban responsbility

"Do I have to remove my authenticator?"

For skilling and minigames service has to be removed and it’s not negotiable.

For 1-37 Prayer orders authenticator must be removed as well

For prayer capes negotiateable..

"Do you require my Bank Pin?"

Bank pin is not required for fire capes and for minigames service . for skilling may be need

"What happens if you train defence by mistake?"

If we get you Defence xp you’ll receive 50M OSRS, full refund of service and free service, however attack style has to be set to “rapid” or “kick” when we log in.

"Do you get a jad pet on my account do I have to pay extra?"

No, getting a Jad pet in my service is no extra charge.

Although, tips are always welcome :D

"What payment methods do you take?"

For all services I provide, I accept either 07-gp or BTC. Ask for BTC address if you decide to pay with BTC) OSGP is accepted on current osgp rates,

We also can negotiate about some other payment method

"Do you buy osrs accounts?"

no i dont buy or trade accounts

"Are all accounts hand trained?"

Yes All accounts are hand trained and have 0 offences

"Who is origional owner of the account?"

I am (macho) origional owner for all accounts.

"Do accounts have any e-mails registered on them?"

No, accounts don't have any registered emails.

"How will i know when the service is completed?"

We will contact you directly once the service is completed, if firecape then then will send a screenshot of your completed cape.

Although, tips are always welcome :D

Terms of Service

Fire Capes

You will pay first.

You may not log into your account during the service.

We do not held the responsiblity for any bans/mutes/hacks during/after the service.

You will change your password after service.

We have the right to decline any orders.

No Refund and no spaming on skype or discord after order.

Somtime incase of disconection, order can be delay, we can be unresponsive.

If you break our TOS order will be cancil and won't be refund.

Minigames / Skilling

You will pay first.

You can't change Your password during the service.

Keep bank pin or remove all valuable items/cash from the account before you give me

we will not refund after 15 minutes of your order purchase

You will provide membership if the order is to be done in members' area

Change password after your order completed !

we do not held responsible for any bans/mute/hack during or after the order is completed

If you made an order and didnt read the requirements, we will not refund

You may not log in on the account during service (negotiateable)

we have workers in real life to work we can be un responsive sometime but account will be in progress

Sometimes in case of disconnection, power going off and other unpredictable events order can be delayed

we dont send progress pictures and updates during sevice time frame

If you break TOS order will be cancil and won't be refund


Never bought member through credit cards

We do not held responsible for any bans after sale

Don't buy an account from us if you plan on reselling it

We will according to default rule claim 1 month "recovery responsibility" in the event of a locked or hacked account.